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European Project OLDIM 2017 - Meeting Therapiesalon im Wald am Peterhof

Motivation durch Sport (Thomas Legl)



Trogir Conference "Challenges in the field of addiction - do we have the right answers?"

10 - 12 oct 2016

Paolo Stocco




Euro-TC Parents-Children and Trauma Therapy Seminar 2012:

Find below some of the presentations that were held during the seminar on November 29 and November 30

Catholic Church and Children Abuse in Austria (Thomas Legl)

Functional Development of Children of Drug Addicted Mothers (Euro-TC member Anajovem)

Il Ruolo della Famiglia nel Trattamento (Bernardica Juretic)

Lebensbedingungen und Konsumverhalten Adoleszenter in suchtbelasteten Familien (Daniel H.Schumacher)

Herausforderungen in der stationären Arbeit mit suchtbelasteten Familien - Erfahrungen aus der Praxis (Heike Tzschoppe)

Trauma aus Sicht der Familienaufstellung (Horst Brömer)

Trauma und Sucht - Die Rehabilitation der Abhängigkeitserkrankung bei komplexer psychischer Traumatisierung (Norbert Radde)

"Addiction Babies": Research, prevention and intervention (Nicoletta Capra, Francesca De Palo, Andrea Simonelli)

Trauma und ihre Folgen, Situation in Bosnien und Herzegowina, Trauma - Erfahrungen von Klienten in der TG Quelle (Jelena Damjanac)

Ressourcen, Erdung und Verankern - Indikative Gruppe bei Sucht und Traumfolgestörungen (Manuela Dewitz)


Euro-TC Conference 2012: "Drug Prevention and Treatment in Europe"

Find below some of the presentations that were held during the conference in October 2012:


Euro-TC Conference 2011: "Civil Society and Drug Policies"

Find below some of the presentations that were held during the conference in October 2011:

Addiction Strategies and Impact of Civil Society

Health and Safety Standards in Nightlife

Development(s) or not in Prevention

EU Safer Nightlife Project Evolution

Peacework in Source

Treatment, Substitution, Recovery



detailed reports in German and in English by seminar-instructor & honorary vice president Horst Brömer (PDF)

Report in Serbo-Croatian (DOC)


Euro-TC Conference 2010: "Learning from Each Other - Integration through Cooperation"

Stachowske Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)

Schwehm Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)

Capra Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)

Legl Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)

Christmann Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)

Deliàga Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)

Dewitz Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)

Tripodi Presentation Berlin 2010 (PDF)


Download ICAA conference Estoril 2009 (PPT)
Download DCD II Treatment Challenges (PPT)
Download Magdeburg Conference 2008 (PPT)

Download "El cuidado en los equipos y los profesionales de la atención" (Espagnol) [PDF]

Download InterviewGabriel Roldán (Espagnol) [PDF]



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• „VILLA RENATA“ Therapeutic Community and Social Cooperative society
The therapeutic community “Villa Renata” was found in 1984, thanks to Venice Councillorship which had bought the facility and devolved upon a local Association of drug addict people families to manage it. Then, Villa Renata became a facility for first care, with a six months programme to rehabilitate the people who need assistance for addiction problems.


• História Anajovem A Associação Nacional de Apoio a Jovens (AnaJovem) é uma Instituição de Solidariedade Social sem fins lucrativos, com sede em Coimbra. Tem como objectivos prioritários promover acções de solidariedade social, nomeadamente ao desenvolver acções de prevenção da toxicodependência junto de crianças, jovens e comunidade em geral e de apoio nos sectores de reinserção social dos jovens consumidores de substâncias psicoactivas ou em risco de eventual consumo, apoio aos pais, encarregados de educação e outros envolventes e cooperação com outros organismos oficiais ou particulares na concretização de projectos nas áreas atrás referidas.


Motivation through sport Thomas Legl

Latest Events

November 2nd to 4th, 2017 International Conference Toledo in cooperation with Projecto Hombre Castilla la Mancha

Best Practices Making Treatment More Efficient

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Family Constelation Seminar Plehan/Bosnia Herzogvina - in TZ "Izvor" from 16th-17th May, 2017


Trogir Conference: "Challenges in the field of addiction - do we have the right answers?"

10 - 12 oct 2016

Read the conference report: