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visit us and know more aboute our webinar (May, 2020)

What changes for the TC and Residential Treatment during the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic

Safety, Stability and Financing in Residential Treatment for Persons with Substance Abuse – a European Perspective 


Date: Friday May 22nd 14pm to 17pm


Upcoming Events:


November 14, 15 | 2019

EURO-TC Conference en Madeira, Portugal

The Challenges of Taking Care

Different Prevention and Treatment Approaches Based on Evidence

The first conference highlighting the requirements  of professionals


upcoming news soon!

Board meeting in Madrid, 2019


euro-TC   European Treatment Centres for Drug addiction a network of professional addiction treatment centres covering 12 European countries.
The network provides exchange of knowledge on the level of professionals as well as on the level of clients.

It aims for steady progress in optimizing treatment programs towards the needs of the clients. Mutual exchange of best practice and sharing of knowledge is provided through meetings and conferences, common therapeutic, creative and sport activities, training and staff exchange.

Euro - TC is member of other networks and consultative bodies as the Civil Society Forum on Drugs Consultative Body to the European Commission), the Vienna NGO Forum on Narcotic Drugs (Consultative Body to UNODC), ICAA – International Council on Alcohol and Addiction and in close cooperation with IREFREA and the newly created ECO network in Asia.


The board of directors consits of:

Dr. Thomas Legl, Austria, President
Christian Heise, Germany, Vice President
Bernardica Juretic, Croatia, Vice President
Fernando Mendes, Portugal
Modesto Salgado, Spain


and the honorary members:

Prof. Dr. Paolo Stocco, Italy, Honorary President
Horst Broemer, Germany, Honorary Vice President
Gabriel Roldan, Spain, Honorary Vice President

Latest Events

November 2nd to 4th, 2017 International Conference Toledo in cooperation with Projecto Hombre Castilla la Mancha

Best Practices Making Treatment More Efficient

 Final Program:






Family Constelation Seminar Plehan/Bosnia Herzogvina - in TZ "Izvor" from 16th-17th May, 2017


Trogir Conference: "Challenges in the field of addiction - do we have the right answers?"

10 - 12 oct 2016

Read the conference report: